Ocean Archive
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Joan Jonas
Moving Off the Land II
Mar 24 - Sep 29, 2019

Ocean Archive is a digital colaboratory operating at the intersection of scientific inquiry, artistic intelligence, and environmental advocacy. Created by TBA21–Academy, the platform organizes Academy expeditions, exhibitions, and related public events and integrates these materials into a curated selection of additional ocean-related art, scholarship, and policy and conservation efforts. Designed to facilitate discovery, cooperation, and knowledge co-production, Ocean Archive is being developed by User Group Inc. for the TBA21–Academy and will be instantiated physically at TBA21’s Ocean Space in Venice, Italy.

Using an application program interface (API), developers can set up the protocols which determine how different pieces of software interact with one another. Today, as many ocean scientists and marine-environment scholars work across both disciplines and databases to conduct their research, the possibility for enhanced collaboration and co-discovery is more present than ever. To achieve this end, and to make the databases that drive contemporary research more open, accessible, and inter-operable for the next generation of ocean explorers,

the TBA21–Academy is stewarding the Open Ocean API, a data protocol initiative that calls upon key institutions, archives, and collections to formulate, confirm, and implement an open API policy to improve ocean data search-ability and discover-ability. As part of the wider development process of TBA21– Academy’s Ocean Archive, this initiative focuses on partnerships related to data policy and access protocols as a means to foster a more open, accessible, and collaborative environment for ocean research, scholarship, and advocacy.

To contribute your work to Ocean Archive or to link your archive to our network of research repositories, please contact us.

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